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OPC’s business is all about connecting you with the most capable supply base. We spend the time it takes to select just the right resources and suppliers that are best suited to our customers’ needs. We represent a vast network of foundries, engineers, machine shops, and manufacturing facilities around the world. OPC’s customers benefit from our long standing relationships and network of design & manufacturing engineers, pattern makers, university consultants, product development experts.

OPC’s goal is to be our customer’s partner of choice by producing tailored solutions, performing continuous improvement, and providing a great working relationship. We serve as our client’s eyes and ears in the world market. Success happens when we are an integral component of your team. OPC offers exceptional resourcing, competitive pricing, and the highest quality finished product.  In our world, there is no one-way to accomplish your goals and “We are only limited by our customer’s imagination.”


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OPC focuses on the details and communication is a high priority. We conduct thorough research and provide accurate quotations and manufacturing solutions tailored to our client’s needs. With over 30 years experience, we have built a reputation for the highest standard in customer service.


OPC’s understands that we are living in a U.S. and global economy. Because the game is ever changing, understanding these markets is critical. As we move forward into the future, this expertise is valuable in mitigating potential risk and uncertainty — allowing our customers to prosper.


OPC’s strength lies in its integrity and loyalty to its customers, many of which have been a part of our business family for many years. It continues to be our great honor to serve all of our clients as their purchasing arm, and we strive to meet and exceed their expectations and business objectives.

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